Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For the Love of Etsy

I spend a lot of time on Etsy. A LOT. Like so many people who have discovered this delightful handmade marketplace, I would definitely be classified as an Etsy addict.

I check my shop (Donido Designs) at least a dozen times a day (and that's being conservative) to see if I've made a sale. And it's not even about the money; I'm just as thrilled to sell a little crocheted cell phone case as I am to sell a big, beautiful baby blanket (well, almost as thrilled). I also check compulsively to see how many new views and hearts I've gotten on my items. From what I hear, this is normal for most Etsy shop owners. As a side note, here's a very funny music video on YouTube about Etsy addiction: Etsy Addicts Anonymous

I also spend a huge amount of time browsing through other shops and hearting anything that catches my fancy. I tell myself I might buy these things someday, once my own sales start picking up and I have some "free" money in my Paypal account. But in reality, I'll probably spend most of that money on new yarns for my own crafting endeavors, despite the fact that I have an excess of yarn overflowing through almost every part of my house already.

So, I've decided to try doing something useful with some of my hearts. Rather than simply hearting these items, I'm going to share some of very, very favorites. So, without further ado, today's favorite Etsy find:

Zootla Pocket Pally
The first time I came across this little cutie I had to immediately Skype my sister with the simple phrase "I think I'm in love" and a link to this adorable yellow Zootla Pocket Pally.

Cheerful, fun, unique, and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, these joyful little guys just bring a smile to my face.

From the top of the head to the tip of it's feet it is 4" tall, plus the wild, crazy hair, which to me is the very best part. These are made with cuddly polar fleece, and come in many colors, and each has it's own unique adornments. All this for a mere $11.50! To me, that's a pretty good deal!

You can find this Zootla Pocket Pally, along with it's many cute and colorful friends and relations, at http://Zootla.Etsy.com. I have to say this yellow one is my favorite, but I like the purple (below) almost as much.
Thanks for reading my feeble attempt at blogging! I'm really new at this, but promise to get better as time goes on, so be sure and check back soon! I'll be blogging about my current projects, marketing ideas, things I've learned, things I'm trying, and a lot of stuff in between. And, of course, my favorite Etsy finds! I can't afford to buy everything I love, but at least I can blog about them!


  1. I love the Pocket Pallys! And I can definitely relate to your etsy addiction. I've had my shop for quite a while, but I've only recently started blogging, twittering, etc. Then of course, I have to check my views to see if any of its working! Best of luck with your shop. I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. Excellent post. I was smiling while reading, that's me too.

    Enjoy your new addiction, your blog.

  3. This a great idea...what a great way to pay hommage to your favs; i can't wait to read more! oh i'm following you now!

  4. Well everything you do on etsy is akin to what I do too! I think its such a great idea that you have to showcase others...when I finally get my Ireland trip up to date on my blog, I hope to do the same...the more the better! Cheers...I will add myself as a follower...