Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cuteness with Puppies

I came across these old photos on my little sister's Facebook page, and just had to share them.

My mom took these photos about 20 years ago, to put onto fliers to sell out Golden Retriever puppies. One lady calling about the puppies asked if she could buy the kids as well. My mom considered it, but ultimately said no.

My little sister hugging the big, fluffy puppy, with my little brother, Ryan, trying to get into the shot, as usual. Notice the plastic sword tied to his waist and the stick-weapon he's carrying. That was pretty much his everyday get-up.


  1. No wonder the lady wanted to buy the kids too! Super cute...and it looks like someone had chocolate pudding for lunch in the first picture...aahh the innocent days of childhood...made my day...

  2. Yeah, we were some pretty grubby little kids. :) You'd think they might have at least had us was our hands for the photos... guess not though

  3. Those are such cute pictures! You guys had the cutest cheeks!

  4. The tree lined lane I think is from "The Notebook" movie - it's actually the road you take to get to the one of the houses i the movie. I could be wrong, but it's ringing a bell fo rsome reason. *lol*

    Ah, those puppies steal my heart :) You can never go wrong witha photo of a puppy!

  5. Those pictures are so cute! Good advertisement for the puppies, I think ;-))

  6. oh wow these are so cute!! it must have been hard for you guys to sell those puppies, it looks like you were very attached!