Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Treasure Trove of Beautiful, Unique, and Affordable Jewelry

Now, I just spent all my recent Etsy earnings on a big box of new yarn, but if I hadn't then I would be sorely, sorely tempted to spend it all in this wonderful jewelry shop, nicholasandfelice. There are just so many gorgeous, unique pieces here, and each one is so very reasonably priced.

This is one of those shops where I had a really hard time choosing which photos to include in my post. There are just too many I wanted to include but couldn't, so be sure and check out their shop for lots more beautiful and original work.

I love what they do with metal! It must really take a lot of skill and artistry to bend it just right like that, with such a beautiful result. Most of their earrings are between $10 and $15 a pair, by the way, so in my opinion these are some really great deals.

These are some of my absolute favorites. I love beach glass, but being a bit of a nutty perfectionist, I've never actually purchased real beach glass, because the chunks are never perfectly symmetrical. I know, I know, it's part of the charm; it's uniquely shaped by years and decades of tumbling in the ocean. I appreciate that. But like I said, I'm a nut. Anyway, these "frosted glass" earrings and pendants are perfect for me; they have that beautiful, frosted beach glass look, in a smooth, symmetrical shape.

I also love the way the wire is wrapped around them, just around the edges, really showing them off, rather than caging them in.

Another example of gorgeous metal-working. Simple and elegant!

This is lovely; I've always loved marbles, the round smoothness, the small but dense weight, and the glowiness of them, but I never knew what to do with them once I got too old to play with them. This is a beautiful solution!

I just thought these earrings were so striking and sophisticated! I've included a lot of earrings in this post, as they are usually my favorites, but Nicholas and Felice also have a huge selection of beautiful pendants, shawl pins, and other ornaments. This was a really fun shop to browse through and I really enjoyed writing this post.


  1. Wow! Thanks so much for this wonderful post about our shop!

  2. I love the red marbles! I would hang them in a window, just to look at them! :)